Friday, November 28, 2008

Question time...

Feel free to add any more questions you'd like to have answered... Hopefully this post will be helpful, informative, and fun! :-)

These are the questions we have received from many of you.

#1 most popular question answered: No, we are not going to South Korea as missionaries. We are going as employees of the public school system.

#2: No, Daniel and I do not speak Korean. None whatsoever.

#3: No, we do not know how that will work.

#4: Yes, we should have internet while we are there. It may be a little while before we actually get the internet, but we will have it eventually.

#5: We are planning on staying one to two years. We signed a one-year contract. This contract may be renewed if we like it and if the schools like us. If we enjoy our time in SK, we may stay.

#6: We will both be teaching High School English. We will be at two separate high schools. Most teachers have their apartments within walking distance of their school. However, the recruiting agency isn't sure how it'll work with Daniel and I teaching at two schools.

#7: The plane ride will be long. Super long.

#8: We are SUPER excited.

Please post any further questions you may have. Those questions will be answered in a later post.



so we have officially applied for our visas!!!
we should be ready to go to korea very shortly.

here is a little explaining as to this whole process and how his went down. we know that it has been such a shock for everyone to hear about us leaving, but seriously . . . it is even a larger shock to us. we are really sorry for people who have heard about this third/fourth hand and not from us, hopefully we can explain this past week and how fast this time table has been for us.

tues. 18th: no job prospects, we are thinking of leaving in february
wed. 19th: at night we get a job lead for a position that starts the december 15th
thurs. 20th: have an interiew at night
fri. 21st: in the morning we have contracts, tova gives her 2 weeks notice
sat 22nd: lots of freakin' out :-p, daniel gives his notice, tell our childrens pastors next sunday is our last sunday
sun 23rd: we go to church and tell everyone that next week is our last week at church. we are sad
mon. 24th: our shipping date was moved to december 10th! giving us even less time to see everyone, and pack. we start "trying" to get plans to see people
tues. 25th: we get our notice of placement which gives us the ability to get our visas. we change our plans to include a stop in atlanta so we can stop at the korean consulate to apply for our visas
wed. 26th: we start our trip to atlanta, apply for visas and drive to paducah kentucky
thurs. 27th: THANKSGIVING!!!!! get to hang out with family
fri. 28th: hanging out in champaign . . .

the next week or so we are traveling back to jacksonville, working our last days, driving to miami, driving to richmond va, and back to jacksonville, not to mention packing the rest of our things and getting ready to go. its crazy!!!!

keep is in prayer as we start this crazy adventure, and we will be keeping everyone updated with this blog and via e-mails

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


so, today we just recieved our pod it looks something like this:

things are moving very quickly as we just recieved our notice of appointment from gangwon as well.
we are in th process of finalizing visitation plans to TRY to see everyone before we go. we would love to see everyone, but the timing just is CRAZY!!!
if you are in the area and want to help us pack up the pod, let me know!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pulled off Google Images...

Where we'll be living...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Current plans...

Destination: Sokcho, Gangwon Province, South Korea.
Employment: High School English teachers - two separate schools.
Departure Date: December 9th.
Begin Date: December 11th.
All plans subject to change.